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MOTH by Larasati Dewangga Putri

A wearable art

Art has been in Larasati Dewangga Putri’s blood. Growing up in artist family, she already get used to make a simple stuff into unexpected things. Through her brand called MOTH (Minority Object That Happens) which established in 2011, she’s been making a various collection of hand-carved quirky yet pretty jewelery made from pencil colours.

In ESMOD Jakarta, she sharpened her skill to make accesories that combined, fashion, design and also art. However, her name and unique jewelery started making a name when she won “LOMBA PERANCANG AKSESORIS 2010”. And the rest is herstory.

Normally, people use pencil only to sketch their idea. But for Larasati, that item is her key material to create peculiar necklaces, very bold rings and odd braceletes. Mostly, she starts by gathering all inspiration, from small talk and children rack in the bookstore. Then, she will asks her friends for unused pencil colours or just buy the new one instead. Carefully, she starts the process piece by piece with hands.

Her aim only one, to make art into a wearable thing so people can use it everyday. Now, you can purchase MOTH’s a-list product in here. And turn your body into mobile gallery.

“A combination of vulnerable feelings and childlike imaginations.”